A Trip to the Desert

Someone recently said that I am unable to take a vacation without incorporating fishing. I won’t name any names, but I had to prove to Abigail that indeed it is possible. So, this is me letting you know ahead of time that there is NO FISHING CONTENT in this post, but I’d like to think... Continue Reading →

Smallmouth Bass on Dry Flies

These past few weekends the fish were really keyed in on small dry flies. BWOs seemed to do the trick for us. As we carefully drifted them into a pocket of slack water, near a down tree, the fish would slowly rise and delicately sip the flies off the surface. It is cool when you... Continue Reading →

Hard-Water Pike Fishing

Weather in the Upper Midwest is very extreme. Temperatures can vary 120 degrees from the hot, humid summer months to the bone chilling winters. Fly fishermen in our region have the benefit of spring fed streams that allow for trout fishing even when temps dip below freezing. Sometimes however, temperatures get to the point where... Continue Reading →

Twin Cities TU Winter Retreat

A few weeks ago, Abigail and I had the opportunity to join the Twin Cities Trout Unlimited chapter down at Whitewater State Park for a weekend full of fly fishing, fly tying and meeting new friends. Almost 40 of us made the 100-mile trek south to one of the few places open for fly fishing... Continue Reading →

Ted Hansen – Fly Fishing Artist

Most fly fishermen have an appreciation for art whether they realize it or not. They wear hats, shirts and other “merch” with their favorite brand’s artistic logos; drive around sticker-covered vehicles; piece together well-designed fly rods with matching reels; and tie on flies they meticulously crafted themselves. I am one of these people who loves... Continue Reading →

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