Dead Drift Nets

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Dead Drift Nets

If you’re looking for a beautiful, custom-made wooden net, look no further than Dead Drift Net Company. Net making is a hobby for owner Joe, whose company is based out of his home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He does keep a stock of pre-made nets on his site, but he encourages his customers to personally select their combination and configuration of woods so that the final product is unique to each owner. He has five different styles of nets that you can use as a “template” for your own design, ranging from the Driftless (a net sized for walk and wade fishing on inland streams) to the North Woods (which has a slightly larger hoop and longer handle than the Driftless and is intended for use from a float tube, kayak, or canoe).

We are currently rocking a beautiful, custom Driftless net from Dead Drift Nets that is perfect for the small loaded brookie streams that we are often fishing.

Order your own custom Dead Drift Net here!

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