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We’ve been fishing together for over 8 years, married for 5, and fly fishing the Driftless area for 4 years. Our passion for fly fishing was sparked when we discovered the Driftless regions of MN and WI, where we spent the majority of our time fly fishing. As time went on, however, our excitement for the sport only grew and we started to get the itch for more.

We wanted to create a channel to share our stories–stories of fishing the Driftless region, stories of other fly anglers who have impacted us along the way, and stories of places outside of the Driftless that we’ve been able to continue to learn and grow.

About Micah:


Micah has been a die-hard fishermen his whole life. He grew up across the street from the Wisconsin River and cut his teeth fishing for smallmouth bass–quitting all spring sports in middle school to open up time for daily fishing.

After college, Micah caught the trout bug which quickly lead to him purchasing his first fly rod. As many of you probably know, fly fishing can easily become an addiction, and such was the case for Micah. He started to spend all of his free time on the water learning more about the sport of fly fishing, and meeting other anglers who were as crazy about the sport as he was.

Micah is the first to admit he is not an expert, but he has a passion for the sport, the places it takes him, and the people it allows him to connect with. He loves talking fishing and hopes to share his stories, as well as the stories of fellow anglers, that readers will find entertaining and valuable.

Instagram: @Micah_Crider

About Abigail:


Abigail first got into fishing when she met Micah–she always enjoyed it when she was young, but never had anyone to take her out before then. She fell in love with the bait caster and the frog, catching largemouth bass out of the lily pads; however, when Micah made the switch to the fly rod, she was too competitive to not give it a try.

Abigail is a Sr Marketer in the corporate demand generation space during the day, and is passionate about finding ways to combine her marketing background with her love of fishing. Abigail likes to let people know that she doesn’t just fish to impress her husband, or anyone else for that matter. Fishing is addicting and she’s always looking to catch the next beautiful fish and try new water.

Instagram: @abigail_crider


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