Visiting Harmonic Goods

I’ve always appreciated well made things with a story behind them. As I’ve gotten more connected with the local fly fishing community I have built friendships with some super creative and artistic people (see O’Pros blog, Dead Drift blog, Ted Hansen blog).

A few years ago, a buddy of mine told me about a friend he had from Duluth that cuts and sews bags out of his basement. As many probably know there are some big-name bag companies based in Duluth, but this one was more underground, literally.

Brad showed us where the magic happens

I instantly loved the look of what Brad was creating from his underground office under the name “Harmonic Goods” and purchased a custom backpack as a gift for Abigail a few years ago. I was able to pick out the flannel pattern and unique Minnesota and trout shaped patches that Brad cuts.

From the second I took the backpack out of its packaging, the quality and craftsmanship was evident. Each bag is completely made from scratch and reflects Brad’s unique style. The red flannel backpack has gone with us all over the country and brings with it that Minnesota vibe.

Harmonic Goods, Harmonic Goods Backpack

Over the last few years, Brad has really grown Harmonic goods by expanding his reach and product offerings and has even recently opened a shared retail space in Duluth. His newest product edition are his tote bags which I recently purchased for Abigail for her birthday. Instead of having it shipped to us, we stopped over at Harmonic Goods world headquarters on our way steelhead fishing.

It was super cool to see Brad’s setup and fascinating to listen to him talk about how he has grown his business. The passion he has for his creations is evident and so is the craftsmanship that goes into each. Nothing is pre-cut or sewn and no two bags are identical. His love for fishing, conservation and the outdoors has influenced how he runs his business and gives the consumer confidence in what they are buying.

If you’re in the market to purchase a handcrafted piece of art that also doubles as a bag, I’d 100% recommend checking out Harmonic Goods website or retail space in Duluth.

Harmonic Goods, Harmonic Goods Tote, Harmonic Goods Backpack
Brad with one of his backpacks and a tote

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