Product Review: Finn Utility Streamer Wallet

Micah and I have a soft spot for American-made products that are high-quality, classic and conventional all at the same time, and Maine-based Finn Utility’s gear—specifically the streamer wallet—checks all of those boxes.

When I opened the package, I was immediately impressed with the casual, yet classy look of the olive- green wallet and the crisp mini-catalog that had been included.


The streamer wallet is extremely light-weight, as it is made of only twill canvas, sheep’s wool and a small leather loop and strap, making it much less bulky than a plastic case in your wader pocket or pack. The exterior is water resistant and will quickly dry if dropped in the water.


The interior patches can hold a significant amount of flies and streamers, depending on size.  We typically use only barbless flies or pinch the barbs, so our streamers slid out of the wool easily. I would imagine you may find yourself a bit more tangled up if you are using flies that still have the barbs in tact.

The streamer wallet also has an interior pocket useful for holding extra leaders.

The only problem I see with this wallet is that Micah and I will likely argue over who officially gets to use it… although, I suppose we can always purchase another.

Finn Utility sells a variety of high-quality gear from small floatant-holders to large rucksacks—check out their catalog here.

Disclaimer:  We received Finn Utility’s streamer wallet product for free in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and not influenced by the company.   

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