Migrating to the Lake

Boating season never seems to last long enough in Minnesota. Winter has it’s way with us for nearly half of our year. In fact, there was still ice on Minnesota lakes into May this year. That leaves us a short window of time to migrate from the streams to the 16-some foot vessels that tote us around local lakes in search of bass, pike, musky or some hand-sized panfish.

This past weekend we took our boat out for the first time in 2018. The location was a familiar one; our timeshare cabin in the small town of Danbury, WI, best known for it’s casino.


The fishing on our little lake isn’t anything to write home about. Finding fish willing to take a fly isn’t tough, but the fish are… let’s say, size-challenged. The size wasn’t our only challenge, however; the weather didn’t cooperate the way we would have liked. Strong winds, seasonably cold temps, and rain made for difficult and uncomfortable conditions. Despite the obstacles, we did catch a solid amount of fish, albeit small…


We still had a good time–the motor purred without stutter and we were able to test out our new 8wt Walton Rod. We’ll just chalk it up as a preseason game that allowed us to go through the boat routine that we hadn’t executed in nearly 8 months. Hopefully the frequency with which it sees the water and the size of the fish caught in it both increase over these upcoming coveted summer months.


4 thoughts on “Migrating to the Lake

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    1. Thanks! It was great to be back out on the water. Regardless of how good the fishing is, it is time well spent.


  1. Looks like you two made the best out of the weather conditions that you were dealt. Nothing else you could do but get out and enjoy it, and you two did just that. You got some sweet shots, too!

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    1. thank man! any time in the boat is a good time. bad weather usually makes for good pictures! as you know =)


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